To-do lists become all-done lists

To-do lists become
all-done lists

When it comes to home repair to-do lists, Mendly has got you covered. But wait, there's so much more! We're a home maintenance membership that can help you with almost everything related to your home.

We believe that your home is a reflection of who you are. To function in a safe and sound manner, homes require attention and care when they experience issues. Mendly exists to be the liaison between you and your home - providing the most esteemed home maintenance and craftsmanship in your area. We’re your friendly neighborhood maintenance membership that brings your mind back to a state of calm, a state free of endless “to-do” lists. So kick back and relax, we’re here to help you feel right at home.

Meet The Founders

Ben Moss

Co-Founder & Chief Craftsman

Through his 25 years as a homebuilder, Ben gained extensive hands-on knowledge in all aspects of home building.  He’s grown strong relationships with his vast network of contractors and subcontractors in the city of Boulder and throughout Boulder County. Speaking of Boulder, that’s where Ben, his wife Angela and their seven children call home.

Greg Stroh

Co-Founder & Chief Of Operations

For more than twenty years, Greg has crafted his role as an entrepreneur and delivered admirable results. A Boulder resident for thirty years, he loves spending time with his daughter Pixie and his buddy "Frank", the black lab.

The Mendly Story

It’s true what they say. Experience does matter. Ben’s background as Chief Estimator and Project Manager for a New York commercial developer and learning the trades by building one house at a time, served as the stepping stones to refining his craft and business acumen. Meanwhile, as the brainchild behind Izze Beverage Company, Greg showed his ability to identify an unmet customer need, cultivate a great team, and deliver a unique product. On top of this, he learned the art of exceptional customer service, sales, and marketing.

With all these abilities in play, Mendly was born. It’s an idea to get home maintenance jobs done right by experienced people you can trust, because you have the right to enjoy your free time—your way.